Why SkillsRI: What Makes Skills for Rhode Island’s Future Different from Other Job Search Tools?

SkillsRI offers services that are similar to the job search tools you are used to using, but our individualized focus is what makes us different. Here’s a little more on what sets us apart...

Skills for Rhode Island’s Future (SkillsRI) is a non-profit organization that works with unemployed and underemployed residents of Rhode Island by connecting them with employers throughout the state. Skills for Rhode Island’s Future is demand-driven, which means we work closely with our employer and community partners to be sure we are meeting their needs and directing our services in a way that supports both the un/underemployed and Rhode Island companies. Launched in 2016, SkillsRI has placed over 2,000 unemployed or underemployed job seekers into employment through strong partnerships with over 75 committed, local employers.

SkillsRI offers services that are similar to the job search tools you are used to using, but our individualized focus is what makes us different. Here’s a little more on what sets us apart:

Skip automated applications and get connected to a hiring manager faster.

With today’s technology-heavy approach to hiring, many companies have automated application tracking systems in place that can make it difficult to speak with a hiring manager. At SkillsRI, you’ll be connected directly to a recruiter who will serve as an advocate and identify relevant employment opportunities for you. They’ll work with you from initial application to final interview, helping you to skip past the automated systems and connect you directly to a hiring manager.

Get a personalized approach to your job search.

Rather than simply providing a list of job opportunities, SkillsRI takes the time to get to know you. Our recruiters work closely with you to discover the talents and traits that make you a unique candidate for one of our many employer partners. You can either apply to a specific position on our website, submit a resume or call (401) 680-5960 to speak directly with a recruiter.

When you reach out to SkillsRI, you will meet virtually with a recruiter who will verify your eligibility for our services. Candidates must be Rhode Island residents and be considered unemployed or underemployed. Once your eligibility is confirmed, your recruiter will get to know your professional history as well as your career goals, so they can provide a personal approach to helping you find employment. Considering the current health climate, all interactions are done virtually – either by phone or video chat.

Access helpful resources, tips and coaching to gain a leg up in your job search.

SkillsRI recruiters provide valuable feedback and guidance – such as resume writing, interview prep and other key strategies – that can help you on your journey to gainful employment. Recruiters seek to understand employment and education histories as well as unique skillsets and other experiences that will help you stand out to employers.

Searching for a new job, especially if you are feeling the stress of being unemployed or underemployed, can be challenging. With the help of SkillsRI, it doesn’t have to be. The SkillsRI team is here to guide, support and advocate for you throughout the process. And best of all, as a not-for-profit organization our support is offered 100% free from beginning to end.

By working closely with our employer partners, Skills for Rhode Island’s Future’s recruiters and client services department have been able to match thousands of candidates with gainful employment opportunities. Through our work we are able to positively impact the unemployed/underemployed population across the state and get Rhode Islanders back to work.


Not sure where to begin your job search? Call Skills for Rhode Island's Future at 401-680-5960 or visit the job board.